What do you need to do to quickly solve problems on your website?

By Achie Barret  - December 7, 2021
There are slowdowns at certain intervals on the websites of large companies or individuals. Detecting them manually is very random. Usually, customers report these slowdowns or access problems to the moderator of the website. Since this problem comes from the customer, it causes one-to-one sales loss.

Burbox monitors your website at intervals you specify. It notifies you or your team instantly in case of a possible problem or slowdown. In this way, it gives you the opportunity to solve the problem without losing sales or customers.

In some cases, there is no such thing as a crash or slowdown on your website. Getting an error when loading images that appear in certain places on your page. The site is up and running, but images do not load or cause a bad display. It is quite difficult to detect such situations, until you detect it, many potential customers see that unloaded image and close the site.

Burbox monitors many important files on your website such as images, script files, design files. It notifies you instantly in case of not loading.

Likewise, sometimes everything seems to be working, there is no slowdown, all images or files are loaded. Everything fits perfectly. But there is something that has been forgotten and is only determined by the customer. There are forms on your website that have a lot of action such as contact, buy, log in. Only those who fill out the form and press the submit button will understand whether these work or not.

As Burbox, we check the forms on your website with the values you have given us at the times you specify, and we inform you and your team in case of a non-working situation.

We have a lot of control mechanisms like this. In this way, you will be informed about every possible problem on your website as quickly as possible, and you will be able to intervene quickly when you need to intervene.
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