Even when a user successfully opens a website, images may fail to load or take longer than expected. With our Website Performance Monitoring product, we swiftly identify and notify customers of these situations, ensuring prompt awareness and a proactive approach to maintain a seamless user experience.

We inform our customers that they can easily access the performance of all files on their website through our portal, providing a comprehensive view to effectively monitor and manage file performance.
Why Burbox
Monitor From Real Browser
Browser Based Monitoring
We monitor your website from a real browser. You can even see the current screenshot whenever you want.
Quick Analysis in Troubleshooting
Instantly detect files that are slowing down your website and view solutions for why.
Multiple Regions
We monitor your website from about 20 countries, so you can be instantly informed about country-based problems. Let your website be active all over the world!
Planned Maintenances
You can put your website to maintenance mode at any time. In this way, when we receive an error, we will not notify your team and there will be no unnecessary mail traffic.
Multiple Regions
At Burbox, we're proud to offer a product that keeps a close eye on your website's performance in over 10 countries. We prioritize your site's constant accessibility and fast loading, ensuring a reliable user experience. With our straightforward monitoring, you can trust that your online presence is consistently top-notch for users worldwide.

Ensuring accessibility from every country and continent is paramount, guaranteeing users can reach your website anytime, anywhere.
Get emergency alert immediately
You and your team can be notified instantly when your website downs or slowdowns. In this way, you will be the first to know when there is a problem.

Moreover, we monitor your website not only from one country, we monitor your website more than 50 countries. You will be instantly get informed any slowdowns or crashes in these countries.

If you want, you can have it monitored only from certain regions.
Performance Of Your Website
When your website is visited, files such as images and scripts are uploaded. Sometimes these files get an error loading or take longer than expected to load.

You can view the performance of your website at any time. In this way, you can see the busy hours. If your website is slow, you and your team can be notified.
Requests Timeline
Even if a website opens successfully, images may not load promptly. Our Website Performance Monitoring quickly detects and notifies customers, ensuring they are aware and can proactively address any issues for a seamless user experience.

Customers can easily check and manage all their website files' performance through our portal, providing a straightforward way to monitor and optimize file performance.
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