What Does 99.99% Uptime Do?

By Achie Barret  - July 5, 2023
In today's digital world, which is constantly active at every moment, a minute without access to a website can feel like a lifetime.

You've probably heard the term "99.99% uptime" before. It is an important factor for providers and is key to increasing a website's credibility and a company's customer satisfaction. But have you ever questioned what it means when your service provider promises an uptime of 99.99%?

Perfection isn't always as perfect as it seems. Let's reveal the meaning of 99.99% uptime together!

What is the meaning of Uptime?

In simple terms, uptime is the time that a service or system is active and running. Theoretically, a service with 100% uptime would be available 24/7 without a single down.

95% uptime may seem great to you, but consider this: a 95% uptime indicates that your website is inactive for 18 days a year. Even when you increase this to 99%, your website will not be active 4 days a year.

• One nine (90% uptime) is 36.5 days of downtime per year.
• Two nines (99% uptime) is 3.65 days of downtime per year.
• Three nines (99.9% uptime) is 8.77 hours of downtime per year.
• Four nines (99.99% uptime) is 52.6 minutes of downtime per year.
• Five nines (99.999% uptime) is 5.26 minutes of downtime per year.

Not all companies need five nines. Because each of the nine attachments requires more effort and cost, development teams must determine how to balance this investment of time and resources to best meet business needs, while also focusing on quickly resolving issues as they arise.
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